Well, what can dogs see?

—-they don’t see colours as vibrantly as we do, (see photos filtered to show us what dogs see)

—-they can’t distinguish red from green (Classic Kongs are made to appeal to the owner, not the dog, the dog finds them on green grass by the rubber scent if the kong is stationery)

—- they can’t focus a little distance from their nose to their eyes, so you can keep your stationery hand signals out of their faces, we can’t either of course

—- they only have binocular vision over a lesser field then us, see photos, but have a better side and rear vision range … depending on their head shape

—- stripes, close stripes, can appear blurred and distracting to them (and me as they are ugly) usually not an issue with humans, horizontal stripes are the worse of horizontal and vertical https://www.psychologytoday.com/…/the-clothes-you-wear-can-…

—- they are pretty perceptive about picking up movements, even tiny skinks moving a ‘paw’ nearby, or birds flying in the distance, which is why we need to be clear in our signals and consistent and finish the signal or your dog will cue off the movement and the movement may be part of more than one signal

Really interesting website https://dog-vision.com

In depth article http://redwood.berkeley.edu/…/…/dog-vision-miller-murphy.pdf